Andy Warhol Foundation Announces Recipients of 2022 Arts Writer Grants –

The New York-based Andy Warhol Foundation, which distributes grants in the creative sector, has announced the 2022 recipients of its lauded Arts Writers prize.

The non-profit organization will distribute a total of $695,000 that will go to support twenty writers producing project across three literary categories: articles, books, and short-form writing. Each recipient will receive funding between $15,000 and $50,000. The annual grant is focused on supporting arts criticism.

In a statement announcing the awardees, Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant director, Pradeep Dalal described this year’s honored writers as “immensely rich.” Topics represented in the projects address issues related to race, eco-activism, and labor.

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Dalal went on to describe the need to fund art criticism as “urgent,” amid “publication venues folding, national newspapers reducing their arts coverage and staff, and university presses relying on authors to find additional support for the publication of their books.”

The full list of grantees follows below.

Sarah Cooper “From Person A to Personality: Programs of Performance, Language, and Image, 1974-1980”
Pepper Stetler “Bringing the Outside In: The Creative Growth Art Center”
Xueli Wang “Poetics of Interiority in Asian American Photography”

Simone Browne Black Artists and the Disruption of Surveillance
Derrais Carter The Sugar Shack: A Cultural Life
Youngmin Choe Craft Media: Materiality, Mediation, and the Decompression of Compressed Modernity
Terri Francis Make that Art!: Kevin Jerome Everson’s Body of Work
Joshua Javier Guzmán Brown Exposures: Queer Photography and the Literary Aperture
Pablo Larios Remote Working
Claudia Costa Pederson Mexican Art and Technology Ecologies, the Posthuman, New Worlds, and Politics

Short-Form Writing
Emily Christensen
Janyce Denise Glasper
Alex A. Jones
Natasha Marie Llore
Joanne McNeil
Minh Nguyen
Tausif Noor
Stacy Elaine Pratt
Seph Rodney
Tina Rivers Ryan

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