Twin Citian: Sanni Brown – Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Occupation: Host of Carbon Sound

Twin Citian Since: 1993

What was your first job here?

McDonald’s in Midway on University.

What do you consider the highest character trait in a Minnesotan? 

Musicality. Epic musicians live here.

The lowest character flaw?

The flagrant disrespect for the passing lane.

Where do you power lunch?

Sammy’s Avenue Eatery.

Where do you order takeout?

Afro Deli.

Your order?

Chicken or veggie sambusa. Sometimes both.

Where do you get coffee?

I don’t drink coffee; I smell it.

Where can you satisfy your sweet tooth?


Who’s the first person you read in the morning?

God. It really makes my day go smoother. My jokes hit better, too.

Who’s a local media personality who really gets it?

Miss Shannan! I’ve been listening to Miss Shannan since she was on with Tony Fly.

When and where were you last most inspired?

Driving back into the Twin Cities from Chicago always reminds me of when I first moved here. I think that’s why I keep doing it.

Favorite neighborhood hang?

Midway. Especially the Selby area. That’s where I lived when I first moved here.

What’s your favorite song about the Twin Cities?

It isn’t really about the Twin Cities, but it does mention Prince being king. It’s called “Royalty” by Young Hustle.

What’s your favorite song that was written or recorded in Minnesota?

“No Pressure” by Trilla.

Who is the most important artist from Minnesota?

If you knew what type of talent was out here, you wouldn’t even ask me that. All of them.

Favorite local athlete?

Ashley Rollins. She founded a dance studio called Klass.

Do you have a favorite Minnesota sports team? 

No, but them roller derby cuties have definitely caught my eye.

What’s a nonprofit that should be on everyone’s radar?

My daughter took off grade-wise in the last few years of her school career, and I give that credit to Project Diva.

What do you wish outsiders knew about the Twin Cities?

If you’re open to discovering what’s here outdoor recreation–wise, you’ll have an entirely different experience.

What does the Twin Cities really need? 

To outdo each other in supporting each other.

What’s been your greatest achievement here?

Raising my kid up to have better grades and opportunities than I had. My baby is my greatest flex.

February 15, 2023

12:00 AM

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