Twin Citian: Lacey Prpić Hedtke

Occupation: Shopkeep

Twin Citian Since: 1991

What do you consider the highest character trait in a Minnesotan?

I’ve been inspired by all the mutual aid in the last few years.

The lowest?

The passive aggressiveness/indirectness. It’s not rude to say what you want!

What was your first job here?

At the Hop, a vintage store on Grand Ave. Never really made any money, because I’d just take vintage clothes as payment.

Where do you celebrate Halloween?

The BareBones Halloween Extravaganza.

Do you have a costume picked out yet?

I just decided: Lizard Wizard.

Trick or treat?

TREAT. Preferably fancy chocolate.

Where do you grab a table when you’re celebrating a win?


Dive bar of choice?

I don’t drink anymore, but I’m partial to The Spot Bar in St. Paul.

What about a classier joint?

Still crying over the loss of Nye’s, but my runner-up is Mancini’s.

Where do you order takeout?


Your order?

The tacos! Their tortillas are beyond.

Where would you order your last meal?


Your order?

I would eat whatever they fed me out of their bare hands. I just love their food and spirit.

What’s your go-to park?

I live an inch from Powderhorn Park.

Where do you get coffee?

I’m a matcha drinker and usually make it at home but always love the drinks at Modern Times or Milkweed.

When and where were you last most inspired?

The 33rd Street beach on the Minneapolis side of the river, listening to that bagpiper on the St. Paul side.

Favorite neighborhood hang?

I could spend all day at Bauer Brothers, looking at all the history of Minneapolis buildings in one spot.

Who is the most important artist from Minnesota?

Prince. Times one billion.

Who’s your favorite Minnesotan?

This is a hard one! But my aunt Mary Ann Perpich Japs is the thoughtful party glue that holds us together.

Do you have a favorite Twitter follow?

@_omgigi_ is one of my besties.

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