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Occupation: Artist, author

Twin Citian Since: 1975

What do you consider the highest character trait in a Minnesotan?

Intelligent civic-mindedness.

The lowest local character flaw?


What do you wish outsiders knew about the Twin Cities?

How many great creative artists live and work here.

Pick one: Spoonbridge and Cherry or Mary Tyler Moore

The statue of Ole Bull, the 19th-century Norwegian virtuoso violinist, in Loring Park.

Where’s your favorite place to go during the summer?

To our cabin in Wisconsin.

Where do you grab a table when you’re making your next big project?

In my Northeast studio to make whatever I’m working on.

In which restaurant would you feel happy to eat your last meal?

The New French Cafe, sadly gone.

Your order?

A simple well-prepared fish or steak with a good bottle of wine.

Who is the most important artist from Minnesota?

F. Scott Fitzgerald.

When and where were you most inspired locally?

Theatre de la Jeune Lune.

Who’s your favorite Minnesotan artist alive?

Dominique Serrand (not officially Minnesotan but created his best work here).

Favorite neighborhood hang?

The Stone Arch Bridge on the Mississippi River.

If you could change one thing about our cities, what would it be?

Provide homes for everyone.

What’s a nonprofit that should be on everyone’s radar?

The Cedar Cultural Center.

What’s been your greatest achievement here?

Raising a family.

Your greatest regret?

Didn’t learn how to skate.

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