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Occupation: Owner of Chey Car

Twin Citian since: 1998

What was your first job here?

Perkins Highland Park

What do you consider the highest character trait in a Minnesotan?


The lowest character flaw?


What local personality type makes for the most enjoyable fare?

Regular people for the win all day long

The least enjoyable?

Pro athletes, musicians

Where do you grab a table when you’re celebrating a win?

Used to be Crazy Cajun in Brooklyn Park. It closed last January, and I’m still not OK.

What about when you need to commiserate over a defeat?

Wet Tacos MN. It got me through the roughest patches of the pandemic.

What’s your go-to date night?

What are those? Post-pandemic, I don’t know.

Where do you order takeout?

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls at the MOA while waiting on flights to land

Your order?

Connecticut Roll

Where can you satisfy your sweet tooth?

Insomnia Cookies

Where do you get coffee?

Caribou West 7th, by the airport

What’s your favorite concert venue?

Turf Club

Where do you go dancing?

Before Lee’s Liquor Lounge closed, I went there for rockabilly swing.

Who’s the first person you listen to in the morning?

Cathy Wurzer

What’s the most scenic stretch of blacktop in the metro?

Shepard Road

Do you have a favorite staycation?

Lora Hotel or Hotel Crosby. Lora for sleeping, Crosby for the hot tub.

What’s the first thing you’ll do after the big thaw?

Sleep. Christmas through spring break goes hard. Minnesotans love to get on jet planes during the winter months.

Favorite neighborhood hang?

The dive bars on Randolph in St. Paul

What’s your favorite song about St. Paul (or Minneapolis)?

The Pines, “Heart and Bones”

Do you have a favorite local TikTok/IG/Twitter follow?

Most useful, probably Kenny Olson @MSP_Traffic. They offer me real-time info on the roads.

What’s been your greatest achievement here?

My network of people

Your biggest regret?

Not buying a little house in St. Paul when I was young

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