Spring/Break Los Angeles 2023 Delivers a West Coast Cool Art Fair – ARTnews.com

Spring/Break has always accomplished with ease what many galleries and so-called satellite fairs often struggle with when a behemoth outfit like Frieze rolls into town: It stands out. And it does so without the slightest hint that they were trying hard to do it. But, in a way, that’s Spring/Break’s purpose. 

In New York, Spring/Break has a reputation for being over the top and, to some, overwhelming (a point one of its founders, Andrew Gori shares with a smile). This year marks the fair’s fourth edition in Los Angeles and the vibe was decidedly West Coast— Chet Baker to the New York edition’s John Coltrane.

The show was held for the second year at Skylight Culver City, a 21,000 square-foot mid-century space that gives participants and the artwork a chance to breathe. But, not to worry, the cool atmosphere didn’t take away from Spring/Break’s reputation for eccentricity.

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