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Haus of Ritual recently opened its doors on Lyndale Avenue’s two-block stretch of late-night eats, arcade and speakeasy bars, and improv theaters. The new space, located in the 3023 Chalet building, invites guests to embrace the power of relaxation with one goal in mind—to revitalize the importance of rituals in our everyday lives. 

“I named my business Haus Of Ritual because I really think it is important to have a resurgence of ritualizing in our lives,” says Hayl Lindma, founder, group leader, and self-described “one-woman-show.” “Other cultures and communities really do have a more ritualistic method to their lifestyle, where we’ve lost that a little bit in Western society.”  

Lindma’s background in Eastern spiritual medicine spans well over a decade—first dabbling in herbalism (her first energy medicine class took place at MCTC in 2010!) and then on to becoming a certified Reiki master teacher. Lindma helps her patients work through internal challenges and reach healthy levels of validation through intuition. “There are a lot of benefits of having a ritual in your daily or weekly life,” she says, “and that’s what I want to offer people.”  

What started as an online hobby to connect friends-of-friends with energy work has blossomed into Lindma’s first brick-and-mortar location. Because of its modest size and intimate vibes, Lindma calls Haus of Ritual her “humble healing studio.” Haus of Ritual offers thirteen different classes, ranging from beginner meditation and mindfulness courses to slow and gentle yoga, astrology, moon medicine ceremonies, and sound bath sessions. With each class, Lindma takes special notice of what energies and themes need to be focused on during that particular time. 

Lindma says there’s a shortage of in-person, group healing sessions in society that “allow us to go into a space with other people who are interested in healing and spiritual development. In a group, you’re really able to witness and speak your truth in a way that you can’t do individually. That’s a huge part of beginning any healing journey.” 

For a class during a new moon—say in Leo—she’ll take on a more playful approach to her practice. She might include some movement through dance or yoga, offer a guided meditation, and open up a group sharing circle at the end. During a full moon, she’ll dive deeper into themes of self-acceptance, surrendering, and letting go of stress and trauma through a more internal route. She’ll take the group through mental and emotional steps, but really focus on energy levels through sound vibrations, meditation, and breathwork.

There are plenty of options for any mental wellness seeker to try at Haus of Ritual: the Beginner Bundle that offers a Reiki and Reiki wellness coaching session, wellness mentoring, and one astrology reading for newcomers, the Moon Medicine Membership that offers three different levels of monthly moon-focused class offerings, or their ultimate Elevate Membership for access to unlimited wellness rituals and the member’s choice of either a one-on-one 60-minute reiki healing session or personalized wellness mentoring session monthly.

3023 S. Lyndale Ave., Mpls., 612-719-7771

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