Minnesota Ice Maze Returns for Winter SKOLstice

The Minnesota Ice Maze will be back for its third year this January and February, but in a new location. The maze is migrating to Viking Lakes park and will be a prominent part of the Winter SKOLstice celebration, as part of a new partnership between Minnesota Ice and Viking Lakes. 

Moved from its previous location at Stillwater’s Zephyr Theater to its new home at the Eagan Vikings Lakes venue, the maze promises to be the largest in Minnesota ice maze history, twisting the eight-foot-high walls into a nearly half-mile course and using over a million pounds of ice. 

This is the Winter SKOLstice’s second year, and attendance is likely to increase with the Ice Maze. In 2021, the maze brought in as many as 31,000 visitors to Stillwater, even in the coldest, darkest months of the year. Designed to get people of all ages outside and moving, the SKOLstice promises pond hockey, curling, and ice skating for free. 

The maze however, is $12.99 for kids and $24.99 for adults, which could be worth it to see the monolith of crystal clear ice lit up at night. Enjoy themed nights, scavenger hunts, s’mores, and hot chocolate, or head to the ice bar for something spiked.

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