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Abdulrahman Al Zayani, who is a leading collector of modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art based between Bahrain and London, is selling more than 80 pieces from his private collection at Sotheby’s, the auction house announced in a press release.

Twelve highlights from the collection are currently on view at Sotheby’s Dubai in the Dubai International Financial Centre through March 3, before the entire collection hits the block at Sotheby’s London on April 25.

The paintings, drawings, sculptures, and multimedia works slated to be auctioned are by artists who hail from countries across the region, including Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, North Africa, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UAE. They range in style from figurative to abstract to experimental. Zayani has been building the collection over the last 20 years.

“Single owner collections of modern and contemporary Middle Eastern arts are very rare,” Alexandra Roy, Sotheby’s head of sale for modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art, told the National. “Al Zayani is buying across the board. You are getting Egyptian, Turkish, Moroccan, Iranian artists. You’re getting modern masters and contemporary work too.”

Below are a few notable works headed to auction.

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