Nam June Paik, Minimalism and more –

Brimming with art, the Korean International Art Fair lies on the first floor of the Coex convention center in Seoul (two levels below Frieze Seoul).

Primarily populated by homegrown artist and galleries — though a few international dealers brought American and European artists — Kiaf is slightly larger than Frieze and slightly more subdued during opening hours. Its VIP lounge, however, replete with a white-tablecloth popup of a Hyundai that had music piped in and a waitlist, was certainly exquisite.

Among the aisles there was much art to see, primarily a mixture of galleries’ rosters, as opposed to single or dual-artist booths. The one thing that caught this reporter’s eyes was a bevy of works by the legendary video artist Nam June Paik (at least four galleries had a work or two by the Korean American artist on view).

Below a look at the best on offer at Kiaf, which runs through September 6.

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