Michael Engebretson’s Art Exhibit Imagines a More Equitable, Sci-Fi Future

If you’re looking for an art exhibit that’s out of this world, look no further than Interact Gallery’s latest show, “Transdimensional Multiversal Nonlinear Cosmic Traveler,” featuring the works of artist Michael Engebretson.

Engebretson’s drawings, paintings, and ceramics depict a futuristic utopia that celebrates neurodiversity, sustainability, and healthcare equity. His work transcends mediums. He uses drawings, paintings, and ceramics to communicate messages about what a better future could hold. 

His highly-detailed, graphic, technicolor works showcase an interdimensional civilization filled with intergalactic, multiversal, nonlinear thinkers known as Class Five inhabitants. According to Engebretsen, these are open-minded, progressive thinkers who embody a positive, limitless future. 

Engebretsen says his work is all about showcasing what it’s like to be him, an individual with autism. Through the show, he highlights how his experience with autism takes him to other plains and gives him the ability to think and create in nonlinear ways. . 

Engebretson’s artwork takes Interact Gallery to a whole new dimension, transforming the gallery into a metaphorical spaceship. Through his work, he invites visitors to immerse themselves in his visionary and futuristic landscape. His highly detailed drawings function as blueprints for a more equitable future, bringing the audience on a tour of construction yards, escape pods, and asteroid bases.  

If you’re looking to explore time and space through an artistic lens, “Transdimensional Multiversal Nonlinear Cosmic Traveler” is a good place to start. Engebretson’s vibrant, detailed artwork offers a glimpse into a world where anything is possible, and where people of all abilities can thrive. See the show at Interact Gallery until April 14. Masks are required.

755 Prior Avenue North, Suite 002D, St. Paul

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