Topographies of Fragility – Photographs and text by Ingrid Weyland

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I have traveled from southern Argentina to the ice of Greenland.

I have always been attracted to solitary and silent sceneries, bonding to a point where these spaces become a source of containment and protection, a private sanctuary.

It is perhaps because of this feeling that, back home, I devised a strategy to try to return the gesture to nature. As a tribute, and possible farewell, to my emotional refuge, which has experienced serious environmental degradation, and through the materiality of the printed image, I intend to highlight the violent damage suffered by them, by manipulating and distorting my own personal landscapes.

In these landscapes that at first glance would seem pristine and immaculate, we then notice their decline, their deterioration; which becomes a wake-up call, a way of questioning our relationship with the natural world. This has evidently become an urgent matter.

It is said that a wrinkled piece of paper can never regain its original shape; the trace persists. In the same way, nature is forever changed, and many times unrecoverable, when it is disrespectfully invaded.

— Ingrid Weyland

Topographies of Fragility XXIV © Ingrid Weyland
Topographies of Fragility XXII © Ingrid Weyland

Topographies of Fragility VIII © Ingrid Weyland

About the Photographer

Ingrid Weyland was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Being part of a family of sculptors and architects,
 she grew up among coloured pencils, art papers, blueprints, inks, and clay. Her passion for form, image, and composition arises from them, which led her to study Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and to later dedicate herself to photography. 
Initially a portrait photographer, Ingrid now focuses on evocative landscapes expressing the fragility of the natural environment.

Among many other international prizes and accolades, Weyland’s work was recognized as a special Juror’s Pick selection in the LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2022, and an earlier version was awarded in the Critics’ Choice Awards 2021. Her work has been exhibited in cultural institutions and galleries in Argentina, London, Canada, New York, and Hong Kong.

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