“Il Bestiario della Terra”: Yuval Avital at The Reggio Parma Festival

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On June 9 it has been unveiled the Reggio Parma Festival’s project of the year, “Il Bestiario della Terra” by Yuval Avital. A rich program full of events organized all over the year between the cities of Parma and Reggio Emilia, engaging different locations, from museum to theatres, but also communities and local societies.

The Reggio Parma Festival, one of the most important and prestigious artistic association in Italy, since 2001 has been realising many activities for cultural promotion in the territories of Parma and Reggio Emilia, together with the Ministry of Culture to support the organization of important musical and theatrical releases, such as Festival Aperto in Reggio Emilia, Teatro Festival and Festival Verdi in Parma.

In 2022, in order to face the forced disintegration imposed by the pandemic, the Reggio Parma Festival decided to commit to moving forward in the direction of uniting professionalism, specificity and potential of all the theatres and cities engaged in this project, relying on an artist, Yuval Avital, for the creation of an artistic path that, through events, exhibitions, performances and installations could be able to engage the best artistic expressions, both local and national, on a unique idea and its project.

“Il Bestiario della Terra” is the project born thanks to the Reggio Parma Festivals’ initiative, organized in Parma and Reggio Emilia from June to December 2022. The project is a powerful and suggestive reinterpretation of those traditions that have strongly characterized the artistic, religious and scientific culture of this area in Emilia from the Middle Age to today. This project, the result of a great productive and organizational commitment, has been realised engaging many musical, cultural and artistic association of the territory and in close collaboration with the three theatrical foundations which are members of the Reggio Parma Festival: Fondazione I Teatri in Reggio Emilia, Teatro Regio in Parma and Fondazione Teatro Due in Parma, involved by the artist for the elaboration and definition of each activity, in a virtuous match between talents and professionals.

Avital, with “Il Bestiario della Terra”, dives into an unconventional investigation about the sense of incompleteness felt by humans, a feeling which turns into a propulsive thrust to look for and discover the innermost fold of the Ego, in a hybridization or contamination with the animal nested in each of us.

So where does humanity end and where does bestiality begin? Where is the monster hiding and, above all, who is it? The artist tries to answer to these questions through a multifaceted, experiential and multimedia process, a real artistic ritual composed by dozens of unpublished works, from performances, videoart, visual and photographic works to sculptures, scores, theatrical staging and installations.

The presentation on 9th June 2022 kicked off the first two events in the Bestiario: the participative monographic exhibition “Anatomie Squisite”, held in the Musei Civici in Reggio Emilia, and the icon-sounding installation “Il Canto dello Zooforo” at the Casa del suono in Parma.

A rich program full of events will be unveiled for the next months, to deliver a dive into Yuval Avital’s imaginary, dropped into history, tradition and local customs. A unique experience to live firsthand.

at Reggio Parma Festival, Reggio Emilia and Parma
until December 11, 2022

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