Four Seasons Offers Nordic Village Dining Experience

Just before the holiday, I was a guest at the Four Seasons Nordic Village dining experience. The village, perched atop the hotel’s fourth floor rooftop restaurant, Riva Terrace, is meant to help make wintering not just tolerable but pleasurable through its hygge atmosphere. (Due to its popularity, the Nordic Village has been extended to April 1.)

Each of the five custom-built cabins, which seat from two to six people, is decorated with quaint features like wood tables, strands of white lights, and winter adornments such as sleds, snowflakes, candles, and music. It’s as though you’ve have stepped onto a cozy holiday movie set. 

The cozy wood cabins are the perfect setting for families, date nights, or a night out with friends. Guest can also choose their cabin music while nibbling on an Italian-inspired prepared platter of cured meats and cheeses, pickled delights like marinated olives and vegetables, salted almonds, and honey and mustard condiments. 

During my visit, the skillet bread appetizer, a savory delight of torched raclette cheese, savory cheese, and spicy sorghum, received a cacophony of oohs and aahs when placed on our table. The French onion soup with sourdough bread, Comté cheese and Cognac are also not to be missed.  

More cabin comforts come by way of warm faux-fur blankets that are provided to lay across your lap, and diners can adjust their cabin’s temperature via electric heat vents. 

Book your stay for this winter wonderland experience before the temperatures warm up via the Four Seasons website. 

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