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Her toes are nobody else’s business but her own and she wakes up not knowing where she is.
Lavender citrus some chamomile floral jasmine herbaceous cedar something earthy and warm the calmness of an intellectual home a handmade metal chime on the ceiling ah the chime an equally beautiful home another couple their identical metal chime their mental divorce walking without walking away

She sees something moving very fast, so fast that she does not recognise what it is, if it is anything it must be a hummingbird.

A good day today so was yesterday so was the day before yesterday so was the day before the body ah the body ah the aching body a black leather jacket a pair of shoulder pads bra full bra free a strolling black cat in a slow motion a half bitten nicotine chewing gum a tongue cope cope and hope five alphabets apart the handsome duo

She turns the corner on the street of the intellectual house and that is where she sees the hummingbird. The cool evening air and her faux leather gloves. The hill is like her belly slightly permanently raised. If she is lucky she will be able to see the bloody sun.

Bob Kil

at Tanya Leighton, Berlin
until June 25, 2022

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