“Adult Contemporary: Three films by E. Jane, Sara Magenheimer, and Pat O’Neill” at Progetto, Lecce

Inoffensive and pleasurable
Heavy on romance
Soothing, highly polished melodies and harmonies
Popular music from 1960s to the present
Cut and paste
Excludes hip hop and some forms of dance
Background music

Carole King
Fleetwood Mac
Lionel Richie
Tina Turner
Dionne Warwick
Carly Simon

Hall & Oates
George Michael
Luther Vandross
Laura Branigan
Kenny Rogers

Michael McDonald
Whitney Houston
Joe Cocker
Anita Baker
Air Supply
Whitney Houston

Basic format; verse-chorus structure
Pop, Soul, R&B, Quiet Storm, Rock
Easy listening
Often targets the 25–44 age group
Acoustic guitars, pianos, saxophones, and sometimes an orchestral set May feature synthesizers.

Curated by
Ebony L. Haynes

at Progetto, Lecce
until March 10, 2023

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