North Loop Co-Op Shop D.NOLO Hits Refresh

Veronica Clark is used to seeing her cooperative shop, D.NOLO (AKA Destination North Loop), evolve. That’s what the store is designed to do: host a mix of retail brands in a pop-up-meets-bespoke-boutique setting.

The onetime spot of Martha Dayton’s homewares shop is also where Michael Druskin started new local fave menswear shop Jaxen Grey. With Druskin’s recent move to a spot a few doors away, Clark has the open space and creative freedom to revamp the shop and explore new territory.

In addition to the women’s clothing and accessories from Kindred and Bumbershute, Clark is also bringing in more accessories, shoes, and homewares—plus Collective, a permanent sale area filled with clearance designer garments (we love the $99-and-under denim rack!).

“Since the launch in 2013, D.NOLO has been through so many changes—through retail partnerships and the steady growth of the North Loop,” Clark says. “I was forecasting back then! But the neighborhood really has become a destination.”

219 N. 2nd St., Mpls., 612-584-3244

November 15, 2022

6:07 AM

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