Christian Allgood Criminal History Seems to Confirm 90 Day Fiance Fan Suspicions

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Even though Christian and Cleo said their goodbyes on good terms, neither of them will forget the low points from 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6.

One sticking point for Cleo — and, even more so, for many viewers — was Christian’s behavior.

Some fans think that he’s a cheater, while others just think that he’s an impulsive flirt. Some fans think that his shifts in behavior have less to do with personality and more to do with drinking. Does he have a problem problem?

Christian’s criminal history (these often come out when someone goes on reality TV) may shed some light on that.

Sometimes, Christian gets himself into trouble for no reason. (TLC)

Christian drank on the plane. He started chatting up a group of women at a neighboring table during his first date with Cleo.

Later, Christian went out drinking … and ended up talking to and inviting some random American woman to his and Cleo’s Thanksgiving.

There is a line between friendliness and … whatever Christian is doing. He clearly means well! But some of his choices have gotten him into trouble with the law.

Christian means well, but often finds himself explaining his confusing behavior. (TLC)

In October of 2019, Christian received a DWI conviction.

Apparently, police pulled him over. When they did, he refused to take a breathalyzer test.

As a result, authorities charged him with three gross misdemeanors.

Christian and Cleo made use of what’s either a very tiny kitchen or a medium-sized wet bar in the London rental. (TLC)

The specific charges include a third degree DWI — which indicates that he refused to submit to a chemical test.

There was also a fourth degree DWI for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

And, of course, for careless driving. Which one can only assume is why a police officer decided to pull over Christian in the first place, though that is not a given.

Christian made use of hats, but he didn’t make a whole thing out of it, which is why people don’t talk about them like they do with Gino. (TLC)

Christian’s sentence was to spend “180 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse.”

That alarmingly-named facility “provides short-term (up to one year) custody and programming for adults convicted of felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor offenses.”

Christian remained on supervised probation during that time period. (Just a note, there’s some miscommunication over whether he served that sentence or was on probation in its stead). He received a $378 fine and community service.

Christian loves doing impressions. Some were even pretty good! (TLC)

Records indicate that Christian completed his community service per the court’s instructions.

In November of 2021, his probation period ended.

And that was that.

Christian did not make the best impression on Cleo’s friend, Jane. (TLC)

We assume that the confusion about whether Christian actually spent half a year in a county jail stems from how many misdemeanor cases end up.

The court issues a sentence, then allows the defendant to complete community service while on probation in order to avoid a pointless yet life-ruining incarceration.

We don’t know if that’s how things went down for Christian. But we’re obviously operating on limited information. (And we fully understand why Christian isn’t talking about it)

Christian and Cleo had a lot of talks from the dormer bedroom of the rental. (TLC)

Naturally, news of Christian’s mild yet troubling (please don’t drink and drive!) criminal history has not reassured fans.

A lot of people worry that he has an issue with drinking. Christian presents himself as the “life of the party,” but one has to wonder: is that the case when he’s sober, too?

As we have seen all season (and will again at the Tell All), he’s a guy who doesn’t tend to believe that he’s doing anything wrong. Hopefully, the DWI was a one-time mistake.

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