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Kraft paper’s uses are basic yet numerous. It serves as a great base for craft projects, such as creating DIY wrapping paper, and for sketching that calls for a lighter-weight paper (especially if it’s a bright white roll). Heavier kraft paper is preferred by moving teams and artists looking to protect their floors from scuffs, footprints, paint, clay, and more. Although a lot of kraft paper performs well, you may be seeking one particular feature or another. Whether you’re on the hunt for brown or white, recycled or new, light or heavy, there is a kraft paper for you. Here, our picks of the best.

1. Bryco Goods Brown Jumbo Kraft Paper Roll

This kraft paper is great for surface coverings. It is slightly heavier than other options, so it won’t rip easily. You can use it to protect studio tables and walls. Laid down on floors, it holds up well underfoot during moving or redecorating jobs. This roll is 18 inches wide and a generous 175 feet long.


Bryco Goods Brown Jumbo Kraft Paper Roll


2. Creative Paper Brown Kraft Jumbo Roll

With its lighter weight—slightly lighter than most copy paper—this brown kraft paper is ideal for use as wrapping and as an eco-friendly packing material for shipping. If you’re seeking a more flexible paper to work with, consider this roll, 17.75 inches wide and 100 feet long, for your packing and crafting needs. This paper is 100-percent recycled.

Creative Paper Brown Kraft Jumbo Roll


3. TownStix Brown Kraft Cardstock Sheets

This kraft paper is already cut into sheets, so it’s ideal for smaller projects. If you’re wrapping a small bouquet of flowers, making prints to frame, or cutting out tiny pieces for a craft project, it’s a much more manageable product to start with than a large, bulky roll. What’s more, though sturdy with a weight of 110 pounds, the paper is thin enough to fit in most office printers, so you can slide the 8.5-by-11-inch sheets into the paper tray and inkjet-print right onto them with little fuss. This package contains 40 sheets.


TownStix Brown Kraft Cardstock Sheets


4. Oren International Recycled Natural Brown Kraft Paper Roll

Another recycled paper option, this one is a great way to stay eco-conscious if you’re simply covering surfaces in advance of a large, messy project. These 200-foot rolls from Oren are pretty massive, available in widths of 18, 24, 30, and 48 feet. What’s more, they’re one of the more affordable options out there.


Oren International Recycled Natural Brown Kraft…


5. Bryco White Kraft Arts and Crafts Paper Roll

If you’re seeking a kraft paper roll that isn’t the traditional brown, this option is bleached white for your drawing or painting. The large rolls are a neat 18 inches across and 100 feet long, which gives you plenty to work with for even the largest of easel projects. Or cut it into custom sizes! The paper is smooth yet uncoated, so a wide variety of materials will adhere to it. This paper roll is a no-frills go-to for everyone from professional acrylic painters to children with crayons.



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