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Whether you draw for fun or for a living, dual-tip markers are a versatile set of tools to consider purchasing. Different brands offer various tip types and combinations, with most pairing a larger tip with a smaller one for more intricate strokes. Many markers feature a chisel tip, which is great for both fine- and broad-edged marks as well as for calligraphy. Sharp bullet tips and brushes, which allow greater flexibility, are also common options. While not all markers are created equal, their unifying advantage is how they allow you to conveniently switch tools in an instant.

1. Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Markers

Prismacolor’s markers strike the right balance between performance and affordability. Suitable for professional use, these implements feature super-vibrant, dye-based alcohol ink that flows with ease. It is very blendable, and you can layer colors to create lifelike effects. Each marker provides both a fine tip and a chisel tip that glide across the page. Use them alone to achieve vivid lines that dry almost instantly, don’t feather, and are smear-resistant when dry. Or combine them with watercolors or colored pencil without worrying about compromising color.  These markers are sold in sets from six colors up to 200, so you can always find—or create—the exact shade you envision.


Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Markers


2. Ohuhu Alcohol Markers

Ohuhu’s beautiful set of dual-tip alcohol-based markers are an affordable high-quality alternative to more expensive brands. You can get them in sets of up to 320 markers(!); these sets always include a blender to create gradations and mix colors. Artists love the dual tips: the fine bullet point creates precise lines and the chisel tip puts down thick lines and brushlike marks. The superior ink coverage dries quickly with intense color. End caps have the ink’s color and number code, and the cap colors are true to the ink color. The markers are wide and slightly flat, an ergonomic design for ease of use: Your hands won’t get tired. The markers come in a convenient canvas storage case that zips and are great for drawing, sketching, writing, designing, and illustrating, fashion designing, graphic novels, card making, and designing stationery.

Ohuhu Alcohol Markers


3. Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Suitable for artists of all skill levels, Tombow’s brushes are budget friendly, easy to use, and reliable. The nylon fiber brush on one end balances firmness with flexibility, offering control to produce crisp lines or cover larger areas with ease. On the other end there’s a fine bullet tip that is ideal for writing. Each pen comes with water-based ink that you can use to create watercolor effects; they are also very blendable and can be layered to achieve darker shades. These are excellent everyday pens, whether you intend to use them alone for illustrations, for hand lettering, or with watercolors. This set comes with nine colors and a clear blending brush.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers


4. Arteza Alcohol Art Markers

Arteza’s markers are an excellent option if you need markers that blend very well but won’t break the bank. Each marker comes with a chisel tip and a fine bullet tip, both of which deposit alcohol ink for easy layering, shading, and contrasting. The two nib sizes can also produce a wide range of drawing and lettering effects depending on how you angle them; they are even replaceable once they wear out. These markers are available in sets of 36, 60, or 120 colors and come in a convenient lightweight case complete with an adjustable strap. Marker sets are also available in a “skin tone” bundle for artists who produce a lot of portraits.

Arteza Alcohol Art Markers


5. Copic Ciao Markers

One of the finest alcohol markers available, Copic markers were originally developed in Japan for manga artists. These are markers to invest in. They are beloved for their beautiful pigments, smooth-flowing ink, and easy blending. Each marker is also incredibly versatile, with a chisel tip and a superb brush tip that performs almost like a paintbrush. A luxurious choice for illustrators in particular, these markers can effectively last a lifetime, since they are refillable. This set comes with 24 basic colors.




Copic Ciao Markers


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