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Colored tape is a functional and decorative material with a wide range of applications in both art and craft projects, and it’s also a useful tool for labeling and color-coded organizing. Since each type of tape has its own properties, it is important to consider the flexibility, tackiness, and holding strength needed for your project. The strongest-adhesion tapes will have the longest-lasting hold, but they are also more likely to leave behind a sticky residue. For best results with any tape, clean and dry surfaces before application and limit the amount of repositioning, which may affect hold. Our picks below will help you find the best colored tape for your project.

1. Ninico Washi Tape, 30 Pack

A low-tack paper tape, Ninico washi tape works wonderfully for craft projects, scrapbooking, embellishing gifts, and labeling. A combination of patterned and solid-colored tape, this pack of 30 rolls (0.4 inches wide, 5.3 yards long) provides a variety of fun and festive options to choose from. The tape can be easily repositioned and removed without leaving a residue, making it a great material for temporary decor projects. Both flexible and durable, it is easy to tear and to write on.

Ninico Washi Tape, 30 Pack


2. Duck Brand Duct Tape

Duck makes an excellent all-purpose choice for solid-colored tapes. This tape works wonderfully for both crafts and household projects, as it’s compatible with materials from cloth to leather to metal. Note that this is a cotton-finished tape, which offers a different look and feel than paper tape. It comes in a pack of six colors (1.88 inches wide, 20 yards long), with a slight woven texture. Despite its cotton structure, it is easily torn by hand. Out of all of the options listed here, duct tape will provide the strongest hold, making it a durable option that is just as good covering holes and other minor repairs as it is for fashioning wallets and crafting alternative garments. Due to its high level of adhesion, duct tape is likely to leave a residue or peel paint when removed.

The Best Colored Tapes for Craft

Duck Brand Duct Tape


3. Craftzilla Colored Masking Tape, 11-Pack

Craftzilla colored masking tape is another low-tack paper tape similar to washi that works well for crafts and color-coded labeling projects. Sold in a pack of 11 bold colors (rolls are one inch wide, 60 yards long), this masking tape is an economical option that is great for use in classrooms since it tears easily by hand and can be removed without leaving any residue. Due to its low adhesive properties, masking tape provides only a temporary hold, which makes it ideal for experimental play and for decorations that can be taken down without worrying about damaging surfaces.

Craftzilla Colored Masking Tape, 11-Pack


4. Gaffer Power Fluorescent Gaffers Tape, 5-Pack

A durable cloth-based adhesive tape, this tape comes in a pack of five fluorescent-colored rolls (one inch wide, 20 yards long) with a matte finish that is extra bright and blacklight reflective[VW1]. Long preferred for theater and stage productions, gaffer tape can be used to mark set lines, label A/V equipment, and hold down cables and wires. It can also be used to create fun tape art, photo backdrops, and other temporary decor projects. Strong enough to adhere to a variety of surfaces while being weather and abrasion resistant, gaffer tape can still be torn by hand and is easily removed without leaving a residue. Note, however, it is not archival.

Gaffer Power Fluorescent Gaffers Tape, 5-Pack


5. Scotch Vinyl Colored Tape, 5-Pack

Scotch’s vinyl colored tape is a superthin, flexible tape that provides a secure and even water-resistant hold. Sold in a pack of five colors (rolls are 0.75 inches wide, 3.5 yards long), this vinyl tape is super stretchy, conforming to irregular surfaces for a secure grip. While it’s less than ideal for holding things up, this tape works well for making minor repairs, adding decorative touches, and color-coded labeling on surfaces that may come in contact with moisture.

Scotch Vinyl Colored Tape, 5-Pack


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