A Brief History of Minnesota Breakups


Future first governor Henry Hastings Sibley marries Tahshinahohindoway, also known as Red Blanket Woman, the daughter of a Mdewakanton chief. They have a daughter, Wahkiyee, before Sibley abandons his family to pursue his political ambitions.


Oline Muus is granted a divorce from Rev. Bernt Muus (founder of St. Olaf) after successfully suing her husband for control over her own inheritance money. Oline receives $150 per year as alimony for 10 years.


Hanging with his mistress Olgivanna Hinzenberg in a Lake Minnetonka cabin, Frank Lloyd Wright is arrested for violating the Mann Act—a federal law prohibiting the transport of women across state lines for immoral purposes.


Former Vogue beauty editor Grace Hegger Lewis, now divorced from Sinclair Lewis, writes Half a Loaf, a fictional account of their marriage. Upon his death, she’ll include more juicy details in her memoir, With Love from Gracie.


F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, by this time living apart—Scott an MGM screenwriter in Hollywood, Zelda institutionalized in an Asheville, NC, hospital—embark on a booze-filled trip to Cuba. The trip will be the last time they see each other.


Judy Garland divorces songwriter David Rose, a man 12 years her senior who both her mother and the head of MGM Studios had forbade her to marry in the first place. Somewhere over the rainbow, she’ll divorce three more times.


When youngest sister Patty Andrews marries the band’s piano player, he pours poison in her ear about going solo. After dominating the charts for 20 years—they recorded 46 top 10 hits and a dozen number ones—the Andrews Sisters break up.


Mary Tyler Moore’s character Mary Richards was originally intended to be a divorcée, but divorce is still so controversial that studio executives insist that in the debut of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Richards is just a single lady coming off a broken engagement.


Peanuts creator Charles Schulz has been cheating on his wife Joyce Halverson with Tracey Claudius, a young office worker, and refers to the affair in his comic strip: Charlie Brown berates Snoopy for his obnoxious behavior when he’s not allowed to see “that girl beagle.”


After recording Blood on the Tracks, an album inspired by his estrangement from his wife Sara, in NYC, Bob Dylan decamps to Minneapolis and re-records half the tracks with local musicians at Sound 80 studio.


When their manager dies by suicide, and with rumors swirling about a romantic split between bandmates Bob Mould and Grant Hart, and even more rumors about Hart’s heroin use, Hüsker Dü play their last show at the Blue Note before Hart leaves the band.


Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson end their marriage of five years. They emerge from divorce court smiling and holding hands, but within a year, Reynolds declares bankruptcy. The divorce isn’t finalized until he sends a $154,520 check decades later.


After Kevin Garnett signed a $126 million contract, star Timberwolves point guard Stephon Marbury is consumed by jealousy and requests a trade. “I thought Steph and I was gonna be forever,” Garnett says in 2022. “To this day I don’t understand it.”


Their marriage overwhelmed by sorrow from the death of their first child, Amiir, and the miscarriage of their second, Prince and Mayte Garcia officially divorce.


Only 72 days after marrying him, Kim Kardashian divorces Kris Humphries. “The one thing that really bothers me is whenever people say that my marriage was fake,” Humphries says later. But “you can’t go up against the tabloids.”


Upon announcing his split from pop star Fergie after eight years of marriage, Josh Duhamel buys a cabin in northern Minnesota. “I felt like this was a place where I can come in and just land every day,” he tells Architectural Digest.


A year after A-Rod calls off his engagement to Jennifer Lopez, the New York Post reports that their breakup may impact his joint $1.5B bid with Marc Lore to buy the Timberwolves. “Alex and Marc were supposed to be 50/50,” a source says. “Alex couldn’t come up with his half.”

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